LPN Resume Tips: Writing The Best Work Experience Section

When it comes to securing a new position within your career as an LPN, you must actively work on fine-tuning your resume. While there are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of tips involving the art of resume writing, we’re going to focus on one specific element, the work experience section. Within this section of your resume, you’re responsible for concisely and accurately depicting your work experience. While this sounds easy, as many already know, in order to construct an effective work experience section of your resume, you must follow several tips. Although this is a difficult task, with a little patience and dedication to highlighting your most celebrated accomplishments within your previously-held jobs, you’ll soon find yourself in the interview room and hopefully in your new LPN job.

Tip #1 – Stop Writing Job Descriptions

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes a job seeker can do to this part of the resume is creating the work experience section like it was a job description on a job board. It’s not uncommon for job seekers to actually copy a job description word-for-word. This is a sure-fire way to kill your chances at landing an interview. By including a job description, you’re completely ignoring the entire point of a resume – to indicate your actual job duties WITH your job performance.

Tip #2 – Solidify Your Value

The majority of hiring manager skim over resumes to get a sense for what type of worker you are. Therefore, you’ll want to include information that clearly demonstrates your ability to provide positive results with your previous employers. When you successfully accomplish this goal, you’ll be seen as a desirable employee, and a hiring manager will be eager to bring you in for an interview. The primary element to accomplish is to highlight your work-related accomplishments and providing verifiable proof of your actual value.

Tip #3 – Use Quantifiable Results

The most effective resumes are those that include quantifiable data. Instead of simply stating that you grew the client base between a set number of years, describe exactly how much you grew the client base. In the realm of LPNs, describe real-world data that is important to a company. By including real statistics and hard numbers, you’re demonstrating your ability to achieve results and accomplish the various tasks your future employer finds important. Failure to do so can mean the difference between landing an interview or having your resume placed in the discard pile.

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